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“I had considered a tummy tuck, but the downtime is just so long—I’ve got three kids and full-time job—so when someone told me about SmartLipo at Premier, I decided to find out more.”

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IPL (Intense Pulse Light) rejuvenation is a very effective method of combating aging and skin conditions in a gentler way.
With IPL, or photofacial, light energy is delivered to the desired area and is absorbed by the skin, stimulating the production of collagen. The new collagen forms and softens the appearance of aging skin. IPL is very effective in softening fine lines, fading freckles, birthmarks and pigment irregularities, and in helping to reduce redness associated with rosacea.

IPL also reduces pores and tightens the skin.

Using the world-leading Quantum IPL machine to perform patient treatments, Premier Laser and Body Sculpting offers patients the most advanced IPL rejuvenation available. To obtain maximum results, a series of treatments is usually required. With each treatment, the patient will experience a gradual improvement of the skin condition. There is no downtime required after treatment and the patient can immediately return to work or leisure activities.
IPL rejuvenation is among the safest, most effective and popular treatments for restoring even skin tone and a more youthful appearance.

If you’re interested in seeing a better you in just a few weeks, call us today for more information.

IPL Skin Treatment FAQ

What is IPL?
Intense Pulse Light, or IPL, is a safe, non-evasive photorejuvenation technique that has been proven to improve many skin conditions. It works by delivering a series of gentle light pulses to the skin to target and eliminate imperfections.

What type of skin problems does IPL treat?
With a series of treatments, IPL can help to reduce or eliminate brown spots, freckles, redness and broken capillaries, as well as reduce pore size and restore skin to a healthier and more youthful appearance.

How many treatments are needed?
Generally, 4-6 treatments are required to realize the optimal effects of IPL.

Can areas other than the face be treated?
Yes, any part of the body can be treated, although the most common areas are the face, chest, shoulders and arms.

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