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Heredity, medical problems or simply personal preference can all be factors in excessive or unwanted body hair.
Today, advanced laser techniques are widely used to effectively and painlessly remove hair from many areas of the body. Premier Laser and Body Sculpting treats both men and women for hair removal. Some of the most common areas requested are the bikini area, lower legs, face, chin, ear lobes, back, underarms, abdomen, chest, hands, feet and neck, although hair removal can be performed quite safely on almost any area the patients chooses.

Laser hair removal works by targeting melanin, the pigment contained within the hair shaft. The light beam then hits the hair follicle which is destroyed by the intense heat. In most cases, laser treatment slows the growth of the hair. Several treatments may be required for the client to experience a significant hair reduction.

Much of the success of hair removal is dependent on the clinical technician performing the procedure and the equipment used. Utilizing the most advanced laser system technologies, including the Cynosure Elite Aesthetic Workstation, the skilled staff at Premier Laser and Body Sculpting has successfully treated hundreds of clients safely, quickly and effectively. The Cynosure Elite’s revolutionary wavelength adjustment capabilities allow Premier technicians to customize treatments to meet a patient’s specific needs.

If you or someone you know is interested in effective, long-term hair removal, contact us at Premier Laser and Body Sculpting today.

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

How does laser hair removal work?
Laser hair removal works by precisely targeting the pigment in the hair shaft and disabling the hair follicle without harming the surrounding skin. The result is slowed hair growth.

Is everyone a candidate for laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal can work on most hair types but has been shown to be most effective on people with darker hair and light skin.

Is a laser more effective than other hair removal techniques?
Yes, laser results will last much longer than shaving, waxing or hair removal creams. And because the laser beam is very precise, it can be calibrated to exact parameters, quickly treating a larger area than the hair-by-hair electrolysis technique.

Is there any pain?
Most clients describe the treatment as a mild stinging sensation. Generally the discomfort is quite tolerable.

What about recovery time for the treated areas?
The skin may experience redness lasting for a few minutes to a few hours following treatment and will then return to normal. The client is able to reapply makeup and can resume normal activities immediately following the procedure.

How many treatments are needed?
A significant reduction in hair growth can usually be seen following two treatments, but to ensure that all hair is treated in the active growing phase, a series of several scheduled treatments is recommended to effectively reduce hair growth.

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